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Terms and Conditions

(Please also read the General T & C)

What is included:

-UNLIMITED MILEAGE- Is included in the rates.

-THIRD PARTY INSURANCE- Rental rates include third party insurance in accordance with applicable law and terms of the rental agreement.

What is NOT included:

-LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW)- In the event of loss or damages to the Sunny Rentals Ltd. vehicle, the renter will be required to pay all costs toward the repair of the vehicle. This requirement will be partially waived to a deductible of USD $1,500 if the renter elects to purchase the Loss Damage Waiver. The renter will be responsible for the full cost of the damage if the vehicle is driven in violation of the rental agreement, is abused or driven recklessly or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

-ADDITIONAL DRIVERS- USD $6.00 per day per person. All additional drivers have to be registered at time of rental and must meet all Sunny Rentals Ltd. qualification standards.

-BABY SEAT- USD $6.00/per day (max. 10 day charge)

Rental Conditions:


We will not charge you for the full rental amount at the time of confirmation. Within 1 week of the rental we charge you the full amount agreed upon.

During the high season months of November- April and July and August, we require cancellations to be made by 1 week in advance. Should you cancel later than that, you may be charged for 3 days' rental costs.

During the low other months (May, June, September and October), we require cancellations to be made by 3 days in advance. Should you cancel later than that, you may be charged for 1 day's rental costs.

Should you choose to return a vehicle currently on rent earlier than the time you have rented it for, there will be a 1 day cancellation fee.

Minimum driver's age is 21 years. Maximum age of driver is 80. Persons between 75 and 80 should produce a doctors letter certifying them fit and proper to drive. NB: please see "Young Driver" section should you be aged between 21 and 25.

Sunny Rentals Ltd., reserves the right to refuse any request for rental including requests for persons under age, persons not in possession of a recognized full and valid driver's license, persons unable to satisfy credit or cash requirements or persons who, in the opinion of Sunny Rentals Ltd., constitute a risk to the rental vehicle.

Valid driver's license from Country of origin.

A refueling service charge will be incurred if a vehicle is returned with less fuel than when rented. Vehicles are rented on a full tank.

Drivers under 25 years will have a young driver fee of USD $6.00/day.

Please read the General T & C